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The Playground Studio creates opportunities for artists across all theatrical disciplines to explore their creative ideas. With an emphasis on process rather than product, we offer artists a unique opportunity to access the three most essential assets required by those working within the performing arts: space, time and people.

We support the search for the unique voice within so whatever tangents,gut instincts and impulses appear we encourage you to follow them.

The Playground Studio provides the conditions that are essential to the creative theatre making process: the investment of time, passion and commitment,a spirit of enquiry, and the space to find it in. We have a vibrant space(2500 sq ft) in which performers and artists can play, create, explore and develop ideas from the wilder shores of their imaginations.

We cultivate relationships with our artists by providing a home for their works in progress, each year supporting a number of development workshops.How long these are for and over how long a period will depend on understanding the artists working processes and the nature of the project.We do not wish to prescribe the same formula to every artist.Van Gogh worked very quickly but Balthus could take as long as 10 years to complete his work.Two great artists,two very different ways of working.

Productions that have been born at the Playground include The Lemon Princess by Rachel McGill (West Yorkshire Playhouse), Dostoyevski’s The Idiot (The Riverside Studios), the Samuel Beckett award winner Terrific Electric (part of BITE at the Barbican 2007), Reminiscence (Jackson’s Lane Theatre, September 2008),and Madame Ida (2010)which started life as a theatre piece at the Playground and will be seen at the London Short Film Festival in January 2012.

‘The feeling that you give the artist is of total friendship and understanding.
The Playground is unique in that.You love theatre and we thank you for it.’

Marcello Magni and Kathryn Hunter,actors

‘Without the Playgrounds involvement in this 3 year labour of love we would not be going ahead as a full production at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.’
Ruth Carney,director of theThe Lemon Princess,2005′

‘In a culture where rehearsal periods are short and funding very limited, the Playground is an oasis offering a rare and vital opportunity for theatre creators to experiment. I hope it continues to grow and offer a model for other studio spaces across the country.’
Ian Harris,director of Invitation to an Execution

‘Our 2 exploratory weeks were essential for the development of this piece. In translating a complex novel from the page there were many questions that we could not possibly answer without this time to play. The development period helped to connect the creative teams thoughts and helped inspire a great many new ideas. This means that we will go into the rehearsal period much better informed. The 2 weeks were a necessary luxury and we are very grateful to the Playground… ‘
Suzanna Rosenthal, producer, Everything is Illuminated

Who is who

Peter Tate: Artistic Director

Peter Tate conceived the Playground out of his desire for theatre artists, himself included, to play without the pressure of dashing headlong into ‘product’. He has worked, as an actor in the full spectrum of disciplines, from dance companies to multi-media events through to more conventional theatre pieces. As the founder and Artistic Director of the Playground he aspires to the same eclecticism, opening the door to all types of projects and aiming to guide the artists into ever more free experimentation.