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Artists join the Playground network to build long-term, collaborative relationships across disciplines, while using the Playground Studio as a common hub. We are constantly seeking out fresh perspectives from new faces to add to the wealth of existing theatrical experience.

Current artists

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How to join

We are an open and non-exclusive affiliation, and we invite all those who would like to develop an idea through the Playground Studio to become an affiliate artist.

As a Playground artist, when available you will participate in the ‘Inspirations’ workshops that kick-start colleagues’ ideas and collaborations, support each other, follow the development of other projects, and participate in and/or be an audience for showings of work in progress as part of the research and development programme.

We run a flexible but committed network; we hope to serve as an oft-needed home for our artists, a place where they can re-unite and continue to develop themselves as practitioners. The emphasis is always on experimentation.

If you would like to become a Playground affiliate artist or join the waiting list, please phone 0208 960 0110 or email info@the-playground.co.uk
We will be delighted to see you at our next workshop.